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This is a high-tech, bespoke website created as part of rebranding & relaunching the company.

The objective was to create a highly visual interface that showcased the projects in a special manner, but still contained most of the generic functionality of a commercial, CMS-driven website. Working together with an in-house designer, we came up with a largely AJAX-driven (dynamic) website, this softened the data-load transitions, but also meant the technology got quite a bit more complicated.

@ Haberdashery Website

Technical Details


  • CMS-driven LAMP HTML5 website


  • SilverStripe CMS, framework & templating engine
  • MVC architectural pattern
  • HTML5, CSS* & jQuery - graceful degradation approach
  • jQuery BBQ used for 'hashchange'-based browsing
  • jQuery Isotope used for container layouts
  • jQuery hoverflow used for smooth anchor roll- states