Happy Granny

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This was a nice and complex project, an online postcard generator.

The system is huge, it includes:

  • A full web application with user system, payment gateway, APIs for integration with a separate iPhone application
  • 3x Flash modules for rendering, as well as one with a complex editing interface
  • Supporting website

Although things unfortunately eventually ended badly here (in a word - budget) it is worth mentioning due to the sheer amount of work completed.

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Technical Details


CMS-driven LAMP website and web application


  • SilverStripe CMS, framework and templating engine
  • 2x Flash AS3 postcard generation modules ~ front & back
  • 1x Flash AS3 rendering module, to create the back and compile the postcard posted from the iPhone application
  • XML-based API suite & test suite for the iPhone application
  • Postcard management system ~ both the digital and printing aspects
  • Token-based, credit-based web store, so user top up with credits, thus user system, payment gateway, etc.
  • Website ~ all the bells and whistles, although pre-responsive
  • It's huge, this project lumbered on for 2 years