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This is a high-end, bespoke, CMS-driven, DHTML & Flash AS3 video & audio concept website developed in late 2009.

Many custom features were implemented prior to their commercial popularity, but have become commonplace over the intervening years:

  1. Intelligent read-ahead playhead
  2. Unique scrubber format
  3. Deep linking using SWFAddress
  4. Custom fonts using sIFR
  5. XML dual interfacing, delivering both HTML & Flash AS3 interfaces

Have a look, it still works as it should 5 years down the line, without any fundamental / core upgrades.

@ Hum Website

Technical Details


  • CMS-driven LAMP Flash AS3 & HTML website


  • SilverStripe CMS, framework & templating engine
  • MVC architectural pattern
  • HTML, CSS & jQuery - graceful degradation approach
  • Bespoke Flash AS3 primary video interface
  • Bespoke XML API for SilverStripe controller (PHP) to Flash AS3 interface