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Graphiques Digitale creates bespoke websites, web-systems and applications for clients.

We go for the more complex things: web-systems, apps or high-end websites.

And we definitely don't believe in half-jobs, nothing but 110% is acceptable in here!

Sometimes the skills required to achieve this are quite diverse & potentially far-ranging, and thus, it is not uncommon to form into loose collectives with other companies or individuals to cover all the necessary skill-sets.

In a nutshell:

  • HTML5, CSS3, jQuery & PHP ( LAMP OSS, full-stack )
  • MVC, framework-based development using the SilverStripe CMS, framework & templating engine ( mostly )
  • Mobile, responsive & fluid web layouts
  • Flash Modules ~ video, audio, mathematical and/or animated
  • iOS applications for Mac devices
  • APIs, APIs & more APIs - everything needs an interface nowadays
  • Server configuration - because often special little bits & bobs are necessary

Say hello at the aptly named: hello@graphiquesdigitale.net :)


Advisory & Analytical

  • project discovery - requirement gathering
  • project specification - the development of software design specifications (SDS)
  • crisis management - when the da-da hits the swish-swish :)
  • SEO optimisation - helping the web find you!


  • LAMP OSS, full-stack - the whole package
  • CMS & framework-driven website & web-system develpment
  • DHTML - HTML, CSS & Javascript / jQuery
  • Flash AS3 - audio, video, mathematical & animated modules
  • eCommerce - shop till you drop
  • Objective C
  • Server configuration & management


Cape Town Table Mountain 006Graphiques Digitale was founded in 2004, in Cape Town, to develop 3GL & 4GL systems, with a focus on functionality, efficiency & interfacing (and need I say, a hint of quirkiness).

Over the intervening years, we have been primarily involved in the development of 4GL websites & web-systems, although, branching into business analysis far more than expected to cover a niche in the market offering a full systemic solution, from inception, through development, to maintenance.

We've always stuck to small to medium scale systems as a by-product of the extra care & work necessary (in our view). Challenges are solved in both a logical & aesthetic manner, offering a more complete & usable solution at the end of the day, while still shifting the logical / aesthetic focus as requirements dictate.

Over-delivering is an occupational nuance we have promoted. A more complete system works better, gives less trouble & makes people happy, not sad (nor mad).

As of October 2009: HQ has now moved to London, Cape Town is hibernating during this economic winter.