Freq Show

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A multi-dimensional exploration of light by Haberdashery & Julian Abrams

Haberdashery, the multi-disciplined Hackney-based design studio and photographer Julian Abrams are celebrating the Summer Solstice with a selection of their exclusive light sculptures in Freq., an exhibition at Hoxton Gallery at The Arch, London, from 21st – 27th June. Together they have produced 5 sculptures and 14 editioned photographic prints capturing the complex patterns of these sculptures.

Inspired by the composition of geometry of light, Haberdashery and Julian have used LEDs (a light-emitting diode) and polished stainless steel to produce the five sculptures on show, each with varying patterns, from the highly complex to the very simple. Eliminating formal representation and focusing purely on the behavioural properties of light, this collection represents a mesmerizing other world.

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