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This is a module for use with the SilverStripe v3.1.* framework & CMS

It is meant to provide a comprehensive-as-you-need, and yet not-too-intimidating interface for adding extended metadata to pages, based largely on 18 Meta Tags Every Webpage Should Have in 2013, including some additional enhancements with Favicons and Touch Icons.

Also, a good overview: 5 tips for SEO with Silverstripe 3

Best practises nonsense - check!

Browser compatibility nonsense - check!

@ SSSEO on GitHub

Technical Details


  • SilverStripe 3.1.* module


  • Basic metadata & best practises, including: charset, rel="canonical", title, meta description
  • Open Graph
  • Twitter Cards
  • Google authorship
  • Facebook Insights & Admins
  • Enhanced PNG favicon
  • Touch icons