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This is a personal project begun together with a few friends. Sadly, it is currently on hold due to lack of budget.

The idea is to track the energy consumption & garbage generation of companies. This information is then aggregated by various means to form baselines which users can then use to compare themselves to similar companies, potentially highlighting savings, or simply indicating that they are on track.

Many, complex timeline-based equations are implemented to extrapolate information and render these to graphs.

It is my sincere hope that this gains traction again, as I believe it is a great idea.

Anyone feel like being an Angel?

@ Ecoactivate Beta

Techincal Details


  • CMS-driven LAMP HTML web application


  • SilverStripe CMS, framework & templating engine
  • MVC architectural pattern
  • HTML, CSS & jQuery
  • Javascript HighCharts used for charting